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Emergency Preparedness Book

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Emergency Kitchen
Emergency Preparedness
for Your Home and Family
with Sally and Ray Strackbein

Coronavirus is in the news now. China has pretty much shut down, everybody staying home to avoid catching the virus. If it comes to where you live, can you stay home for an extended period of time without needing to go out for supplies?  It costs so little to be prepared that I just don't understand why people don't do it.

In other areas, I saw reports on the news of communities that were surrounded by water. People's homes were OK, but they could not get out, had no power, and no clean water.

What can you do to prepare? For me, being prepared is a state of mind. I keep my supplies up-to-date. The cost is not that high to buy some insurance/supplies.  I'd rather spend a little on preparations and I won't kick myself if I don't need them.

The winter weather in some years resulted in power failures and people stuck in their homes for days or weeks. Hurricanes and winter storms  demonstrate the necessity for being ready for emergencies. We urge you to prepare yourself and your family. You never know when you will need to be prepared. It does not cost a lot of money or effort to be prepared - just a minimum of planning and a very small amount of effort. We urge you to protect yourself. Use the simple emergency preparedness tips you find here.

You never know when:

  • Friends are going to drop in.
  • A power line is going to be cut by the back hoe operator down the street.
  • An ice storm or a hurricane is going to take out the whole region's electrical delivery.
  • A water line break is going to stop the water from flowing
  • A flu outbreak will make you want to work from home.

Are you prepared?

My husband, Ray, says that no disaster he prepared for ever happened. The process of planning and preparing for any disaster made him prepared for what actually did happen.

Many news programs and magazines are focusing on pandemic flu and natural disasters. They sometimes talk about bio-terrorism and chemical warfare. I don't worry about those issues. I can't do much to prepare my family for those awful nightmares. A gas mask won't help much unless you wear it day and night.

Instead, I'll prepare for what I can. I'll store food, water, soap and toilet paper. I'll wash my hands after pushing a shopping cart. I'll steer clear of people who are sneezing. I'll plan how to stay warm, have light and have good relationships with people I care about.

You will find easy, rational emergency preparedness plans here. I invite you to join me.

Prepare for what you can and enjoy the life you have.


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Wate rFilter

Clean drinking water is easy to get when you can run dirty water through this filter to get the cleanest drinking water.

Emergency Kit

Personally, I make up my own emergency kits. But if you feel pressed for time, you can order this one from Amazon.


Ray and I have flashlights like these in every room of our house, in our cars and in my purse.


We bought a woodstove in 1998 thinking it would heat our family room. It heats our whole house and saved me when our power failed this winter and Ray was out of town and I was snow/iced in. I was toasty and warm.