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Emergency Preparedness Book

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How Ready Are You for an Emergency?


I know what category of emergency is most likely
to occur in my local area.


My family members know which out-of-town relative
or friend to call in case of emergency.


    I know how much food to store for a 14 day supply.


I have stored 14 gallons of water for each family member.


Each family member can quickly find their personal flashlight and it has fresh or fully charged batteries.


My computer is backed up frequently and backups
are stored off site and out of my local area.


I have first aid supplies, including extra prescription
medication , if needed.


I have talked with my neighbors about emergency preparedness and know who I can count on.


If I live in an area that gets cold, I know how to stay warm in my home or on the move. I have an alternative source of heat if the power fails or my furnace does not work.


If there is a biological attack or an epidemic, I can stay home for an extended time. I have food and water to last 14 days.


I always either wear comfortable walking shoes, or have them available where I work and in my car.


I have an emergency kit or bag ready to grab
if I need to leave my home quickly.


I have hand wipes or waterless hand cleaner available.


If I have children, I know their school's emergency plans and I know where they will be in various types of emergencies.


My children know how to contact me or a
trusted family member or friend.


If I have pets, I have their veterinary records available
and I have extra supplies for them.


I understand that in a widespread emergency, I will be
on my own and I have enough supplies
to be self sufficient for 14 days.


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