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Some Really Good Papers on Important Topics

Good disaster planning and emergency preparedness yields good results for any emergency. Whenever we discover a new potential disaster, we think in new ways. Although the range of potential Y2K problems did not occur, Y2K prevention caused planners to think in ways they never had before.

New York mayor, Juliani, credits Y2K planning for the city's rapid and excellent response to September 11, 2001.

Even though these papers say "Y2K," do not dismiss them. If the word, "Y2K" distracts you, then just substitute the phrase, "terrorist attack," "construction accident," "earthquake," or "storm."

These emergency preparedness papers were written for the Northern Virginia Y2K Community Action Group. The information is still important. Each paper was carefully researched.

How to prepare for disruptions in waste disposal.
How to prepare for disruptions in the water supply
Beware of  Food Allergies


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